• Course 1:  Friday and Saturday March 16-17 * Snoring in Children to Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome and Sleep Apnea in Adults
  • Course 2: Friday March 16 * Trios, Printing, and Milling
  • Course 3: Friday March 16 * Digital Dentistry and CAD-Smiles
  • Course 4: Saturday March 17 * Perfectly Placed Implants and Digital Restorations

COURSE 1: From Snoring in Children to Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome and Sleep Apnea in Adult

Friday – Saturday March 16-17

  • Understanding how breathing and airway are the centerpieces of “Breathing Disordered Sleep”.
  • Recognizing that breathing and airway disorders during sleep are related to structure, function and behavior during daytime breathing
  • Full discussion of structure, function and breathing and how dentistry plays a primary role in treatment
  • Implementation of screening, data collection, and diagnosis of airway and breathing dysfunction
  • Understanding our role as dentists as the quarterback of the team necessary to manage airway and breathing disorders

sleep apmea CT scan

COURSE 2: Chairside Digital Dentistry with Dr. Johnathan Abenaim – Trios, Milling, and Printing

Friday March 16

This course is for current owners of the 3Shape intraoral scanner, or for those interested in the technology  SEE MORE AND REGISTER…

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COURSE 3: Digital Dentistry with Mr. Eddie Corrales

Friday March 16

1- Introduction of Smile Design

2- Concept and treatment planning DSD concept

3- Features of CEREC Smile Design Software

4- Materials for the ultimate smile

5- Lab/DDS/Patient communication

6- Way to develop a smile with CEREC

7- Live patient Emotional Mock up

8- Live Scan with Omnicam

9- Live Smile Design on CEREC

10- Q&A

Featuring Ivcolar’s eMax, Empress, and the New Milling Machine SEE MORE…

COURSE 4:  Perfectly Placed Implants: 

Saturday March 17

This course is intended for:

  • CAD/CAM and Cone Beam Owners and Non Owners
  • Doctors who are not currently placing guided implants
  • Doctors who are currently placing guided implants and want to increate their use and productivity